Welcome to CJP, Below you will find an overview and brief description about our many courses. Education is so important, weather you are a seasoned tech or a complete beginner. The right qualifications and training will set you up for life if you are considering a career in the nail industry. There are no quick fixes, fast passes or overnight success stories. Becoming a nail technician is one thing, becoming a nail technician who is in it to go the distance is another. At CJP we teach beginners, face to face from scratch and we upskill those wanting to move up to the next level in person. We understand there are cheaper, faster courses out there but at CJP we do it correctly for each and every student, we nurture you, teach you and support you every step of the way. We set you to succeed and with hard work on your part we ensure you have the skills to carve out a successful, fun career.  “If you love what you do, it will never feel like work”.


Beginners Acrylic Course

Course Description

Hello and congratulations on taking your first steps into the nail world, we are so glad that we found each other!

CJP educators have been taught every single detail on this course by our very own head of education “Chrissie Pearce” Chrissie has spent years designing this course and the results speak volumes. You won’t be thrown in at the deep end you will be confident and capable at producing salon standard nails by the time you have completed this course.

Our promise to you is to nurture you every step of the way. At CJP our educators are “working techs” they know how to simplify the steps to ensure you learn to create salon standard nails, we concentrate on the basics so you can leave us with a strong understanding of basic salon nails, product knowledge and safety.

Chrissie is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to delivering education and the manuals and training you will receive is like no other. Our educators all went back to basics during a week long intensive training session with Chrissie to ensure they “learnt” every detail of this course from a beginners perspective. Our educators have been chosen by Chrissie not only for their skills but also their compassion and nurturing nature.

Your educator will become your mentor and do everything in their power to ensure your first steps into the nail industry are not only knowledgeable but also fun and more importantly making sure you leave us with the confidence and ability to succeed.

At CJP we value each and every one of our students  and have our own support group to give you access to a CJP educator should you ever need it, we are like family and if your mentor is busy then one of our other educators will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We will always “have your back”. once your course finishes the door does not simply close at CJP it is forever open.

 Acrylic Salon Designs

Course Description

Have you ever sat puzzled trying to work out how to do a design, desperately tried to follow a YouTube tutorial or felt like throwing your 3D brush out the window? If you answered YES to any of the above then you’re in the right place.

By this point you will have mastered the basics and be eager to really get going with your design sets, however as we all know it’s not always that easy, until now!

At CJP we are so passionate about the basics, but our passion turns to excitement once that’s boxed off and now the fun really begins. As you will see we have handpicked the crème de la crème when it comes to our educators, and they all have their own unique flair and style. You won’t only be shown how to re-create their amazing designs, but they have a way of “finding” your flair that you haven’t even yet discovered.

All classes can vary in art and styles, but our educator will aim to cover the following skills with you (check out your educators work and even make requests!)

 Acrylic Skills Group Class

Course Description

Anyone can be a nail tech, but do you want the skills to take you to the next level. A CJP tech!? Right let’s get back to basics from perfect prep to absolutely executing perfect crisp salon shapes!

On this one day course our educators will literally show you “our secrets” flawless cuticle application and apex placement flowing alongside a perfectly sculpted shape. Prep and structure are the key to lasting enhancements and our acrylic skills days are jammed packed with info, you will leave with your head buzzing full of tips and tricks and ready to take your work to the next level. Unmissable for those wanting to progress to the next level.

 Back To Basics 4 Day Group Class

Course Description

Well, well, well did you know our founder came up with the name Back to Basics many years ago, the course proved so popular due to social media many educators renamed their own courses to follow suit! CJP back to basics is the original tried and tested, completed by hundreds of students who have travelled from different countries to attend this special class.

Back to basics is like no other it was created by Jemma porch who had herself completed college in 1999 and left fully qualified with all the gear yet no ideal! After years of struggling to find her own strength Jemma completed many 1-2-1 sessions with many different technicians and over the years put together everything she had learnt and broke it down and simplified it and literally “filled” the gap for the hundreds and thousands of other nail techs who found themselves in the position she was once in, qualified yet not confident, no need to do a complete beginners course but desperately needing an up to date more comprehensive “refresher” from the perfect prep routine to fitting forms and applying tips, learning how to do that perfect cuticle bead with the end result being good quality salon nails that will ensure your diary is never empty, plus all those salon designs the clients ask for this course is so much more than the basics it’s everything rolled into one.

All the best bits of all our courses, all the tips and tricks we have learnt over the years including our famous C curve nails using only a form! We promise you will leave this course feeling like a different technician and form friendships within the industry that will not only last a lifetime but will always give you someone to bounce ideas off. This course is unique, original and game changing and combined with our amazing Acrylic system and the way we use it you will leave enthused and reignited. 

 1-2-1 Training

Course Description

Do you feel stuck in rut, taking two steps forward and one step back? If so, this is the course for you. Our educators will reignite your passion for nails. Tailor a day to suit you and watch how things are broken down so they suddenly make sense.

At CJP our educators make learning fun whilst creating a safe and exciting environment so you will feel like you are spending the day with an old friend.  You can cover whatever you want, and you will be shown various ways to achieve the same result, we have spent years breaking down nails and art into simple achievable steps, forget the mind-blowing tutorials you have tried over the years to follow. Come and sit down with one our educators and find your “lightbulb” moment.  Our educators are trained to “teach” easy to follow steps that will leave you raring to go.

 Bob Brush On Builder Course

Course Description

Welcome BOB (Builder Gel) into your salon! Bob is a little different to a regular gel product, it’s very hard for us to not refer to Bob as him so bear with us!

Bob became a part of our product family in natural and clear shades a few years ago and has recently been re-developed into a HEMA free formulation in lots of new shades.

On this course we will show you just how versatile “he” is! You can build up BOB on the natural nails to provide extra support and structure and you will also learn how to apply BOB as an enhancement product over a nail tip and by using a sculpting form.

You will be taught how to infill, rebalance, colour change and remove. This is an exciting course as bob is such a versatile product, he’s a great middleman for those clients who need more than a gel polish but don’t enjoy wearing acrylic extensions. There is a place for bob in every salon. Learn how to safely incorporate builder gel into your treatment menu with the help of an experienced educator.

 E-File Beginners Course

Course Description

Shoulder Ache, hand ache the fear of coloured acrylic and the dreaded back fills sound familiar.

Yes, we have all been there and sat on the fence contemplating training in E-File but listening to that voice in our ear warning of the dangers, wondering how we explain the jump to electric filling to our clients after swearing blind for years they “ruin nails”-well there is no time like the present!

Your E-File will become your best friend, not only will it dramatically speed up your times it will help protect you from suffering further down the line from the physical toll on your body from hand filing. There’s a saying that is so true “it’s the fools, not the tools” you will not cause any damage at all once you are trained in how to use an electric file, you will learn not only how to Wizz through acrylic but you will be taught how to Wizz through safety ensuring that your file quickly becomes your most valuable piece of equipment. Time is money!

Gel Polish Beginners Course

Course Description

Do you love painting nails but get fed up of them chipping? Often get complimented on your polished nails or simply no longer have the time to attend regular salon appointments and have always “fancied” doing nails?

Or are you a seasoned tech and haven’t ventured into getting that all-important qualification yet?

Well this is the perfect place to start, not only will you learn how to polish flawlessly you will be taught how to paint nails that last alongside all the health and safety that comes with using nail products and a safe removal. This course should come with a highly addictive warning as unfortunately you will soon be hooked and discover you can never have enough colours!

 Gel Polish Skills & Art

Course Description

The first thing I noticed was her flooded cuticles. If you never want the fear of the flooded cuticle again then this is your holy grail of gel polish application.

At CJP we are obsessed with flawless finishes and fun designs. This class will fill you with so many tips you will not believe the difference in not only your application but the difference in the staying power of your gel manicures.

Did you know it’s possible to build an apex on natural nails using gel polish? Let us show you how.   CJP educators apply black gel polishes with their eyes closed or so our students believe after seeing them in action!

It’s incredible the designs you can create with a swirl of a brush, it’s easy when you know how! If you want to know more not only about CJELP but about Gel Polish, then this course is for you!

Gel Polish Art Add On

Course Description

If you’ve competed the mornings Gel Polish Beginners class or you want a quick top up and a bit of help doing Gel Polish art and designs- then this class is for you! Our educator will show you the endless possibilities with Gel Polish and what you can incorporate and achieve.

You will learn how to incorporate glitters and thin encapsulated media (art/foils), you will also learn gliding, marbling, design work and introduction to Ombre. The art will be carried out on display tips.

All CJP Product Conversion Courses 
Course Description
You can choose Gel, Acrylic or combine both mediums while transitioning over to CJP. This course is not based around skill building, it is designed to teach application and how best to use the products for long lasting results. A detailed explanation of what each product does and when best to use them. The perfect course for those new to CJP to ensure a smooth transition.