About Cjp Education

Hello and welcome to CJP education, our training website!  My name is Jemma Porch and around 16 years ago I enrolled on a local college course to learn nails, I was a teenage mum and thought it would be an easy option!  How wrong was I!…..learning to do nails isn’t a skill that everyone is blessed with, BUT with the right guidance and educator they can make the impossible possible.



My college course was quite frankly horrendous, it started off fantastic with an amazing teacher but unfortunately, she left a few days after we started, we got passed from pillar to post and was shown what to do by various beauty therapists who had only covered nails briefly themselves years before.  There was no Facebook or YouTube back then so you were literally on your own.  We all passed as it didn’t look great on the college if we didn’t and we were left to fend for ourselves. Somehow, I muddled through and built up a client base just doing the basics and managing.

A good few years down the line Facebook appeared on the scene and social media was born. WOW……I came across a lady called Chrissie Pearce around 9-10 years ago and I was in awe of her work, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, literally nail art like I didn’t even know was possible!

We became online friends, and she encouraged me and helped me to develop my own skills. Over the next few years we met up a few times and Chrissie came to Manchester to teach some classes and as the years passed and CJP was born! 

We spoke about the education side in great detail and decided we needed an educational structure that was as superior as the products, so Chrissie took the lead as head of education and handpicked and refined some of the finest educators in the industry to teach under our umbrella.  

Blood, sweat and tears are engulfed in the pages of our manuals along with Chrissies heart and soul.

To be the best, you need to learn from the best and to be even better you need to understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day and you will get out of your course what you put in, if you commit yourself fully to learning with CJP, in return we will offer lifelong support in our product users group and our CJP student group and will be with you every step of the way!  You come to an educator to learn how to do nails, or even skill build on how to do nails better, why? So you can go back to your clients with these skills and earn money and enjoy a job you are passionate about this is why our whole ethos of education under Chrissie is based on good, salon nails, like the products we strive to provide for the working tech, products that are amazing and usable everyday. 

When picking an educator their own salon work is testament to their teaching and skills because that’s why you’re going to train, right? To do this and have those skills in the salon! Look at our educator’s work, look at their salon sets and this is why choosing a CJP educator who is confident in the skills you want to learn is important. Aside from this our educators all have their own ‘niche’ and passion, whether its Character art you want to learn or 3D nail art, or crisp shapes, we definitely have an educator for you!

Who knows maybe one day YOU will be an educator for us!