Become an educator

Do you love CJP and are at top of your game and love to watch others succeed?  

If so, becoming an educator is a natural process. Here at CJP we do things a little differently…. We don’t just say ‘yes’ and leave you to get on with it.  We say ‘maybe’, we invite you down to our training centre in Manchester and there you will spend a whole week with our head educator Chrissie Pearce.
Chrissie will teach you how to perfect your own application and also how to “teach” the CJP way.  Not only will you learn valuable skills that enhance you to the next level you will be armed with knowledge to become an amazing teacher.

What Is the CJP Way?

The CJP way has two stages firstly we know how our products perform and how to use them to the best of their ability. Also we know there are many ways to get the end result and we have executed each and every way in how we do things. We don’t simply apply a gel polish, we build a structure and a platform that will last. CJP have many tricks up our sleeve from fitting a form to perfection -regardless of the nail shape, to making acrylic look like it grows from your cuticle!   We are not here to make a quick buck and sell products we are here to raise the standards in the next generation of nail technicians and provide world class education.

CJP Educators pride ourselves on high standards not only in the methods we use to apply the products but working safely and clean and never cutting corners. 

During this week of intense training, we will write you an action plan where you will go home and put to work perfecting your new found skills and Chrissie will provide written and verbal feedback throughout your transition period. Once we are satisfied with your standard of work you will be assigned your area and your own profile will be made live on our website. Ask our current educators and they will tell you it was hard work but so worth it, their work has become next level and not only that- they are constantly improving and learning and being the best they can be with ongoing support and training from Chrissie.

Being an educator isn’t easy, you have to work at it, it’s a new side to your business that you will to grow through our social media platforms and in your own local area. In return for your hard work  and sheer determination we will support you every step of the way and provide you with a timescale of when we expect you to have completed your “interim stage”. (This could be perfecting areas you feel you need more confidence in).

Have you got what it takes?

Do you want to push yourself and join an amazing team of likeminded people who want to watch others succeed and change education for the better. Do you love the brand with a passion so deep you are prepared to sacrifice all others? 

If so then we want You.

In return we will provide you access to our manuals, lesson plans and help every step of the way to ensure your future students have accredited qualifications to gain insurance, as well as everything you need for skill building classes. We have a state of the art portal for students to complete all theory online saving your classroom time for practical skills only. Every educator is provided ongoing support from Chrissie to ensure your own personal development and VIP access to get your hands on brand new products first.